How to Be a Great Maid of Honor

No matter if you’re always a bridesmaid, there’s a special role for the maid of honor, and making sure you’re prepared to fulfill the obligations and expectations of the bride will help you contribute to an amazing wedding day for your bride!
The maid of honor’s role was traditionally one of hostess, so that the bride would not have to pay attention to details during her ceremony and reception.

In recent years, as more and more couples elect to work with wedding planners and professionals to make sure the day goes off without a hitch, the maid of honor position has become more of a staff and operations manager role.

rhineThe first and most important thing for a maid of honor to remember is that communication is key to making sure the wedding goes off without a hitch. Making sure that she understands the ceremony plans, and her role in them, well before the rehearsal dinner is important!

The maid of honor should be included in all planning sessions.  The reception will usually have a major functional role for the maid of honor, even if the ceremony is more modern and doesn’t include as many functions for her to fulfill.

The bride may want the MOH to ensure that the guests are comfortable, and to serve as a sort of mistress of ceremonies.  Of course, during the photo sessions before and after the ceremony, the maid of honor will be busy, but between the pictures and the toasts, there is plenty of time for the MOH to make sure guests are comfortable dancing, helping themselves to the food and drinks, and finding seats for the older members of the family.

The maid of honor is a time honored role and a real and sincere honor, so taking the job seriously is important.  The opportunity is there for the MOH to ensure the bride has exactly what she wants and needs leading up to the wedding, including a shower and shopping trips, and lots of love!

Oh, we almost forgot… You need to prepare a great speech! So here’s one of the best we’ve ever seen, hopefully it will inspire you:


How to Choose a Wedding Dress

It’s the classic moment of a bride’s wedding planning:  finding the right dress.  Every bride has ideas about what she’ll wear on her wedding day, and the traditional princess gown is no longer the only option.

For brides who don’t like the mountains of tulle, or who have a figure that’s not suited to a round dress, there are choices that range from the sleek and slender 1940’s fashions to the amazing and functional “transforming” dresses that are the rage at the moment.  As women are marrying older these days, some brides are even choosing to be wed in elegant and classy pants suits.  The sky is the limit!

Making sure you are comfortable in your wedding attire is the most important thing.  This should mean multiple fittings, over different points in time, so that you can see how your body’s natural weight changes and distributions suit the style.

Only once you’re completely sure that the dress is going to be what you want should you make the commitment to have it altered to fit you perfectly.  Too many women make a determination that they’ll drop twenty pounds (or more!) before their wedding day, and then find that they’re stuck with a dress that doesn’t quite fit when the extra ten won’t leave their hips.

Here’s a short, yet useful video that will help you choose the right dress for you:

The theme of the wedding is something that should be considered when a bride is selecting her wedding dress.  The photos of the wedding day are part of the memories the couple will have of their marriage, and the dress is a prominent feature in those pictures.  If it matches the theme, or has a classic line and look, the bride and groom will be more satisfied with their overall presentation.


How to Choose a Wedding Ring

For the gentleman who’s ready to take a leap and ask the big question, a lead up to the moment of truth is even more difficult than asking, “Will you marry me?”  Picking out the right engagement ring for your beloved, who’s going to wear that piece of jewelry every day of her life, is critical.

Once the question’s answered, though, the jewelry shopping isn’t over!  Selecting the right wedding ring is something that many couples leave till the last moment, and that’s sad!  The main event is the wedding, after all, and the symbol of your marriage deserves as much attention and thought as the engagement ring did, if not more.

A trend in the last decade was the bride who says no to the wedding ring, but that has passed.  Ladies who were satisfied with just an engagement ring are not to be counted on these days – the gentleman should be prepared to purchase a wedding ring to be placed upon his bride’s finger on the day they wed.  The wedding ring needs to be suited to the engagement ring, as most brides elect to wear both together as a set.


Some engagement rings will even come as part of a set, which match and fit to one another well.  If not purchasing an engagement ring as part of a paired set, the groom should look to the professional jeweler for advice on what will go well with his fiancée’s engagement ring.

The jeweler will look for a good match in the jewels and setting, and ensure that the engagement ring and the wedding band will physically fit well together on the lady’s finger.  Otherwise wearing the two at once can become an uncomfortable headache.

The toughest match between the engagement ring and the wedding band is made when one or the other is an heirloom family treasure, but must be matched to something from today’s modern fashions such as camo wedding rings.  Fortunately for those who are marrying tradition with the modern, vintage jewelry is very much in demand, and can be found in mainstream stores.  No more haunting a treasure shop to find the right thing!